Monday, March 9, 2009

To Corpus and Back (and then back some more)


This past Saturday most of the family loaded up in a wonderful little RV that Eddy borrowed from a friend and headed to Corpus.  We were going to celebrate the life of Jack White Russell, Daddy’s brother, who passed away a week ago.  Jack was a super great guy, dad, brother and uncle.  He was so happy, that’s what I remember most about him.  He was always so happy to see his brother and us. 

It was sad to his children (my cousins) hurting, but like his son Ross said, Jack’s car was just all beaten up and he needed a new model.  So he traded up, and got an eternal model AND IT IS PERFECT. 

His son Ross did the eulogy and it was FANTASTIC…PERFECT.

Even though it was a sad thing, it was wonderful to see our cousins, some of whom we haven’t seen in decades.  And we got to meet some 2nd cousins as well.  Ross’s kids are the cutest things ever. Little Mary was the spunkiest little 3 year and I just wanted to squeeze her til she popped.

We got to meet Charles’s baby Caitlin for the first time.  She is a DOLL.  So sweet and calm and sleeping…just you wait, Charles.

It was a lovely time and a wonderful celebration of Jack’s life and his legacy.  And how wonderful that now Uncle Jack is in Heaven dancing and listening to music and just rejoicing in the LORD.  What a comfort for those of us left behind. 

The ride home was quite eventful.  We got about 2 hours outside of Corpus and realized we had made a slightly wrong turn and WERE ALMOST BACK TO CORPUS.  So…2 hours later, we started back home again…and we got home around 2a.m.  Crazy.  Amye and I had some good giggle time in the back of the bus.  Neil started AND FINISHED a book.  Eddy,God Bless Him, drove the whole way. Dad slept on and off.  Bruce entertained us, and Sweet Nancy took care of Mom back home while we went.

Love to all the cousins, the ones here in Texas and the ones in California.  We will not let that be the last time we see you.  Barbara, I’m going to hold you to that shopping trip…come on.DSC03795

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Bees around here.


Lately, we’ve had a ton going on. 

The boys and I went to Austin 2 weekends back to visit my college friend Dana and her family.  We had such a great time.  The boys played outside, even when it was too cold, and the adults chatted and chatted.  We might have even played a little Wii Fit.  Zach did amazingly well. 

Then, the day after we got back, my mom fell and broke her hip.  I spent that Monday out in Richmond getting her all checked in and settled at the hospital, where she’ll be for awhile. 


I had a funny feeling in my stomach all day.  In the back of my head I thought it might be appendicitis, but I really didn’t have time for that, so I kept pushing that to the back of my head.  At midnight on Monday, I decided I needed to go to the ER.  So I tried to tell Neil…but the was sound asleep.  I just drove up there myself.  And guess what??????  It was appendicitis and I had surgery that day at 1p.m. to have it removed.  Nothing like having surgery at one hospital on the same day that your mom is having her hip replaced at a different hospital.  It was not an easy day for anyone, especially my great sister, who went to work, came to my hospital for my surgery, then rushed to my mom’s hospital for her surgery and stayed there until around midnight.  Thank goodness ICU won’t let you spend the night.


More later…Jake has a tee-ball game tomorrow. First one.  I’ll miss it but his super grandparents will take him and pictures.  Hooray for family

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