Thursday, April 17, 2008

That’s ALL I need…

We just got home from going to Jake's book fair.

It was very cute. Jake's teacher had Zach in

her lap reading to several kids. Then,

of course, when we got home, that's what it is

time for…story time.

Well, when I went into Zach's room and saw

this, I had to take a picture. As I watched

and listened to the blissful sounds of this

scene, I realized…THAT'S ALL I NEED!!!!

All those things that sometimes we get

so wrapped up in attaining or buying

or getting, they don't matter. This does!

Having the love of family and security,

That's all that matters. I leave with the

parting thought of:

What is it that will finally make you happy?

What are you striving for? If you got there,

would you even be happy then?


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