Sunday, June 29, 2008

Potty Training, part 2

Zach has been potty training. It was going really well for a few days, then we had a backslide. So we got him a little tiny potty training potty, thinking that maybe that would make him a bit more interested in going on it. Well, for the most part (and I know that most of you won't be surprised by this) he doesn't fit on it. When he sits down, he's so big that his little 'peeps' it too far to the front of the potty and, well, he doesn't fit. We can maneuver around and get it to work, but let's hope that this potty training goes quickly b/c before long there will be no fitting at all. Well, tonight he wanted to sleep with Jake, so I told him if he wanted to sleep with Jake, he'd have to tee-tee in the big potty...and he did. We're back on the right track...hooray. So this is them together in the bottom bunk.


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