Thursday, January 22, 2009


OK…here’s the before and after pics of the bathroom redo.

It was just the potty room in my master bath, but still…it’s redone.


Before…the plain white book holder on the plain white wall.

And here is the color after I cut in.

Ended up not liking that color since Jake

said it looked like Tee-tee. But it pretty much stayed

but just went a shade lighter.

And here is the final product. Hooray. I love it.

I know the color looks gold…but it is an avocado green.

I got the black shelf from mom's garage. It was painted white.

I painted it black with several coats. And I had it just perfect...

right before I backed over it in the driveway. So then I had to REPAIR it...

then start over with the paint. (typical Polly)

I also added black light switch cover and painted the toilet paper

holder black.

Here is a close up of the frame. I got it out of mom’s attic,

put a piece of scrapbook paper in it and glued

that clip in there and clipped on that picture of mom and me.

Not sure if you can see the other frame. It came from mom’s attic, as well.

I glued in scrapbook paper and then glued on that cross.

I got the basket at some store after Christmas and it was 50% off.

So…do you love my new potty room? You can come potty here anytime.


Erin said...

I love your bathroom! Such a great makeover. I love the color you used. The black cabinet just pops right off the wall! Good luck with your kitchen!

Erica said...

Thanks for visiting my post. your bathroom looks great, I love the green wall color, I have been wanting to put some green in my house!

2browneyedbeauties said...

Hi Katy, thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to stay a while. I am from the Fort Worth area & you? I have to say how cute your bathroom turned out. I just love your black cabinet and the accesories, 2 thumbs up. I wish I could start on mine, but I have too many projects I need to finish first. My current one is my daughter's rm, and I haven't started! I better hurry if I want to post it on Monday, bye!

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