Thursday, March 13, 2008

Murphy moved in Murphy's Law

Let's talk crazy. I can't even think now what I said last time...but here's where we are now. (And don't think for a minute Lynda or Mark that I am not just writing to get a laugh. I love being here with your kids...but you have to admit at some point it gets comical)

  • Grace now has an ear infection, bronchitis, thrush, and a diaper rash (oh, and she's teething)
  • Katherine is OK, but has a runny nose at night
  • Garrett is nice and healthy, yeah!
  • Same for Kyle
  • Jake has a runny nose.
  • Zach has pink eye and an ear infection.
  • Jake the puppy has a terrible case of diarrea, poor thing.
  • Neil is still having pain from his oral surgery last week
  • I'm just fine, physically...mentally? you ask...just don't ask.

I KNOW EXACTLY WHY THE BRADY'S HAD TO HAVE ALICE NOW. It was not b/c of her good was for everyone's sanity.

Love to all.


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