Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One flew over the cuckoo's nest...and it was Polly

Time passes pretty quickly over here. Night #1: Not so great. Grace was up at 12 and 2. I knew something was not normal, but after 2 she slept until 8:30. That was good. She wasn't even awakened when the puppy screamed his head off for about and hour until I got up and checked on him. He (poor thing) had a stomach issue and had had diarrhea all over himself and his cage and his bed. I spend the next hour bathing him, then put him outside while I washed out his cage, found a new towel and got it set back up in the utility room. Then I brought him in from the back yard just in time for him to have more diarrhea all over the white carpet in the dining room. So then I spend the next 30 minutes trying to clean up the stains in there. Whew...I then slept until 6:15 when I get the kids up. However, it is a joy to get these kids up. You wake them up, then they bathe/shower, clean their rooms, then come downstairs. What a joy. Jake (my child, not their dog) will not like going home b/c he is going to have a new routine. BLAME IT ON THE PASHENS, JAKE!!!!! Night #2: not so bad. I think Grace woke up once. And I fed her a bit, gave her some Tylenol for her fever, sucked her snotty nose then cuddled her back to sleep and she slept until about 8:30 again. But that's what sick babies do. No problems anywhere else. Zach wanted to stay up all night and play but he eventually fell asleep. Day #2: I got up and go everyone out the door who was leaving. Got Katherine and Grace ready and headed out for our appt at the doctor's to get their physicals so they can go to Vietnam. Got to the appt, went in the door Lynda told me to go in. But I don't think she realized they have built another building there, so her doctor's office is no longer in the building closest to Kingsland...they built another one closer. So after I got to the RIGHT building, I signed in and sat down and started to entertain Grace. They finally called our names. I stood up, got all my bags and went to the window so they could tell me, "Your appt is tomorrow" *@!?*& So I left and came back home. Fast forward to this afternoon when I took Zach (and Grace) to my pediatrician b/c Zach has pink eye. Well, when I got there I begged them to see Grace, too. B/c she just is not right. Fever, not eating, snotty nose....well, Zach has one ear infection and pink eye and Grace has one ear infection and bronchitis. Yeah for us. I think we might win a medal or something. More to come, I'm sure. Here are some cute pictures of all the kids. Of course, you'll notice that all her great kids are sleeping (G was just finishing reading) but my kids continued to be up and fighting for another hour.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart Polly. I cannot imagine taking care of all those kids and a dog esp. sick kiddos and a dog with stomach issues......Omigod! You deserve a medal. Teaching looks easy compared to what you're doing, huh? You're a great friend and I know your friends appreciate it!

Rebecca in Sweden

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