Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Last Thursday was Jake's 1st ever Christmas "show" for his preschool. It took a total time of 35 minutes...perfect. Neil's parents, Abby & Poppy, went with me to see him "perform"!!! It was a riot. He sang his songs beautifully, mostly. He did this strange little thing with his head, kind of like a wolf howling at the moon. I think maybe he got it from copying Snoopy singing on Charlie Brown Christmas. That's the only thing I can think. He did have a LINE. Just in case you can't hear what he was saying..."We hope this music and its message is your best present this year". Sometimes he add libbed a bit, but that's OK. Oh yeah, the irritating thing about that night was that right before we left, I put 2 new batteries in my camera. AND I brought an extra 4 pack with me (that I bought @ Bass Pro Shop last week). Well, guess what? NONE OF THEM WORKED. They wouldn't even turn the camera on for more than a second. Thankfully, someone there was able to loan me some batteries. Note to self (and you all): DON'T BUY BASS PRO SHOP BRAND BATTERIES.


Anonymous said...

How sweet was that! 35 minute show----perfect.

Rebecca :-)

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