Thursday, December 20, 2007


Dear friends and family,

I need some prayers: for my mom, dad and myself.

She has been experiencing terrible back pain for about 6 months. Yesterday, she finally went to a doctor about it. (Has been getting massages). They did a chest/upper body x-ray. Today he called her to say that he thinks her back problems are being caused by her ENLARGED AORTA. I'm hoping they are wrong and that those were someone else's x-rays. However, to find further details, she is going to have a CAT scan (I think. Mom is sometimes not great at getting all the details) the day after Christmas.

I immediately got on the internet and tried to get some info on this. Wow...don't do that when you are unsure of something that has to do with the heart. Almost everything I found said "open heart surgery".

Anyway, please say some prayers for peace for Mom and Dad right now. Dad was very shaken by this. He said "Mom's not supposed to be the one sick...that's his job!" We are all scared right now-especially Mom. Pray that the doctors are given super wisdom and guidance in diagnosing this and advising further action. Pray that Mom and Dad are able to take it in right now, then sit back and patiently wait 6 days. Pray that the further tests show not much of what we think might be there.

I thank you for your prayers in advance.



Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for all of you. Please keep us posted on everything!

Rebecca in Sweden

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