Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chooch Chooch...all aboard

Yesterday, in a hopeless attempt to get some cute shots of just the boys for the Christmas card, I took them to the old fashioned caboose in old town Katy. Well, several things went wrong. And from the pictures, you can tell that not much went right. It was too cold and damp. The train is a LOT bigger in person than when you just drive by on the street, so I think Zachy was a big overwhelmed. And, to boot, there was a real, modern, engine hooking up to a load to pull close by, so of course, nothing could get Zachy's attention off of that. Then, after the caboose debacle, we went to try and find some pants for the boys. My kids are so tall that we have a problem trying to find pants that are long enough that aren't really made for 11 year olds. Just so you know, MY BOYS are not all that thrilled by TRYING ON CLOTHES. Wow...talk about NOT SO FUN!!!!!!!!


Tracey said...

I Love, Love the blog!!!!!!! I have it saved under "My Favorites" and will look at it often!!! Too cute. Love ya- Tracey

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