Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pirates & Princes (of Peace)

Zachy's new favorite thing is to put on the "pirate hook" and sing the "Arrrgh, Arrrgh" song from the Backyardigans. It is really cute. I'll try to get the song on video. Also, the bottom picture is of a Christmas present from a dear dear friend. It is of Santa bowing down and worshiping our Saviour, Christ. It is so special to me. It is so ME. It is my favorite yard decoration in the neighborhoods. Our Santa coming out the chimney just doesn't measure up to that. But Jake and Zach love it. Anyway...the present is a wonderful one. I hope my friend knows how much I love this present. Zachy loves it too. I have had to tell him numerous times to "put baby Jesus back on the table".


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